All bidding shall be conducted in Canadian funds.

A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to the final bid price.

1. Registration and acceptance

Customers who have already registered at will not need to do so again as usernames and passwords will remain valid from auction to auction. For new customers, you may register online at (the “Website”).  The Website is operated by Memorable Authentic Inc. a Quebec Corporation (hereafter refers to as: "Memorable Authentic," "we,” "us,” or "our").

You hereby agree and understand that the placement of a bid in an auction on our Website constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. Bidding periods

You may begin bidding as soon as the auction is open for bidding on our Website and as soon as your account is set up. The final day of bidding for the entire auction is listed on the live auctions page as well as each lot page (the “Final Day”).

The bidding period (the “Bidding period”) will close at 9:00pm EST on the Final Day. You must place within the Bidding period on an item before 8:59pm EST on the day the auction closes. If you are the only bidder on a lot at 9:00pm EST you will be declared the winner.  If multiple bidders place bids during the Bidding Period for a lot, the highest bid will be declared the winner of the lot.

3. Bidding Increments

Items will be sold to the highest bidder at the time the auction closes. Each bid can be no lower than the minimum that is listed on the Website.

For bidding, enter the maximum amount you'd like to pay for the item. We'll bid in increments on your behalf to keep you in the lead, but only up to your limit.

Memorable Authentic reserves the right to accept or refuse any or all bids. By placing a bid in this auction, the bidder confirms the acceptance of all the rules and conditions of sale as mentioned here. Memorable Authentic record of final sale shall be conclusive.

4. Buyers premium

A buyer’s premium will be added to the winning bid and is payable by the purchaser as part of the total purchase price. The “Buyer’s Premium” for the auction will be 10%.  

5. Invoice and shipping

The Buyers Premium will be added to each auction lot on your invoice. Invoices will be sent by email to the winning bidders. The payment will be due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. Failure to pay invoices promptly will result in the suspension of your auction privileges and will have the consequences listed in Section 8. Title shall not pass to the successful bidder until all invoices are paid in full. We accept as methods of payment : VISA, Master Card, Paypal and Email Money Transfer (EMT). 

Winning bidders are responsible for shipping and handling costs which will be added and include shipping, packing and materials. Items shipped to Canadian residents are subject to QST and GST or any other applicable taxes. International bidders are also responsible for any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. A flat shipping fee will be added to your invoice. Please note that some shipments to the USA may require the use of a Customs Broker based on requirements by Customs and Border Protection. All packages will be sent with a tracking number.

6. Returns

Items may be returned within two weeks only if the item does not match the description. Otherwise, all sales are final. Memorable Authentic shall not be liable for breakage of glass or damage to frames during shipping. Such defects shall not be a basis for any claim for return or reduction in purchase price. Please note that your invoice, payment status and shipping information will be available online by logging into your account.

7. Authenticity

All items sold with Memorable Authentic hologram and Certificate of authenticity (the “ Certificate”) come with our lifetime guarantee for authenticity. Each item that does not include Memorable Authentic hologram and Certificate will be authenticated by a trusted partner or an outside authenticator. Certificate of authenticity will be made available for all items, unless otherwise stated. Memorable Authentic is not responsible or bound by the opinion of outside authenticators, trusted partners and so-called experts (collectively, the “Third Parties”) and shall not be liable for such Third Parties guarantees.

8. Non-Payment By Buyer

Memorable Authentic reserves the right to charge to the buyer’s credit card any balance remaining on the buyer’s auction invoice seven (7) days after the date of the invoice without further notice to the buyer. Late or non-payment may result in the revocation of bidding privileges for future auctions and the closing of your account. Any invoice not paid when due will bear interest at 5% of the invoice amount from the date of the invoice. You hereby understand and agree that when you bid on an item, you are entering a legally binding contract, indicating that you will pay the price of your bid for your items, plus the buyer’s premium and any additional associated fees such as the shipment, sales tax, insurance fees, etc. 

Please note that Memorable Authentic will sell all unpaid debts to a collection agency and this will reflect on your credit rating. Buyer agrees to pay all of Memorable Authentic costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred in attempting to collect any sums due to Memorable Authentic from buyers.

9. Extended Bidding

The extended bidding period will start 15 minutes before the end of the auction. Extended bidding is open for everyone and for every item at auction. Each additional bid placed during this window will extend the auction timer by 15 minutes. So get your bids in early!

10. Reserve Price

Some lots may be subject to a Reserve, an amount below which the lot will not sell. Lots subject to a Reserve are noted in its description or otherwise. The reserve price will be added to the products 48 hours before the lot close.


LAST UPDATED ON: February 14th, 2024